Vega Victoria

The long embrace ep, produced by Alabama shakes' ben tanner - Out now!

Vega Victoria’s debut EP The Long Embrace was produced, recorded, and mixed by Ben Tanner, member of the Grammy-award winning band Alabama Shakes. Recorded at Sun Drop Sound in Florence, Alabama, The Long Embrace pulsates with that legendary Muscle Shoals sound and features musicians Caleb Elliot on guitar and cello, Jeremy Gibson on drums and percussion, Adam Morrow (Belle Adair) on bass and pedal steel, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Tanner. 

These are songs about love, loss, and being lost. It’s music for long, blue, empty highways late at night and for remembering your ephemeral existence here on earth while close dancing with a stranger.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Vega Victoria divides her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and the Mojave desert.